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Goddess Dortheá is a Detroit native and Los Angeles transplant, best known as a spiritual counselor and soul healing music therapist, published author, and holistic healing mystic. She is a soul-healing musician with a mission to uplift, heal and empower the world.

As an ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counselor, Goddess Dorthea continues to serve as a spiritual well-being advocate, music therapy advisor, and holistic therapist for women. She has found creative ways to promote the message of conscious spiritual well-being and mental health through music, art, and culture. With a flair for creating cinematic and ethereal works that play to both the celestial and subconscious; Goddess Dorthea aims to use her music as a form of therapy for her fans and soul mate clients. 

Through her music ministry, Goddess Dorthea hopes her own journey of transformation and self-discovery serves as an inspiration for all women – encouraging others to love Mother Nature, respect divine feminine energy, practice self-love, and creative expression, and find the divinity of their own magic. She hopes to inspire women to become more conscious about their spirituality and holistic well-being in a culture where loving oneself is a radical act.  

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